For a while now I have had a Folksy shop called Ladybird Meadow where I’ve sold things like project bags, notion purses and stitch markers. The shop gradually started to wind down over time and has been empty now for a couple of months while I’ve been doing other things but lately I’ve been thinking of getting it back up and running. With that thought came the desire to freshen it up and remodel it a bit. The shop name Ladybird Meadow didn’t sit quite right with me somehow. A bit twee, somewhat detached from the shop itself and most importantly the things that I sell there. So with that in mind, today I have opened my new shop!

Woollyholic on Etsy is my new space for selling my handmakes. Woollyholic was the name I chose when I first joined social media years ago and is ‘me’! So, as of this morning my new shop is up and running. Currently it is stocked with just a few sets of stitchmarkers but in the coming weeks and months I’ll be adding other items too. I can’t say for sure what those items will be yet because I really feel like I just want to roll with whichever direction my creativity takes me. My crafty endeavours are such a huge part of who I am and it seems like right now I need to let that part of me fly free. I’ll be keeping the blog up to date with how those crafty creations are going and any that I feel are worthy of being added to my little shop.
Woollyholic is open!


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